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Perfume, Cologne, eSSENTIAL oIL Body Spray, eSSENTIAL bODY oILS, pERFUME bODY OILS and Perfume

Joos Boutique’s Perfume oils Have a great aroma that will last all day. tHEY ARE MADE WITH eSSENTIAL oILS THAT will provide AROMATAIC PLEASURE for hours.


Our body sprays are made with essential oils to provide  A BEAUTIFUL BUT NOT OVERBEARING AROMATIC sCENT while wearing IT. Because our eSSENTIAL oIL BODY SPRAYS have no added alcohol, the essential OIL and jojoba oil tends to separate from the water as oil does, therefore ensure to shake it well before applying then enjoy.


Some men would rather spend the day outdoors in the elements or indoors, whatever your occupation or hobby, Joos Boutique’s cologne is made to conquer either.  Our men’s cologne is elegantly fragranced to boost the mood of the wearer. It’s not too overbearing, a little goes a long way and whatever the fragrance, it will last all day.

Sexy. Classy. Sweet. Fierce. Our perfumes come in unique scents that each have their own aura, allowing any woman to find the perfect smell for any occasion. Made with balanced blends of high quality fragrance oils, each aroma simply compliments its wearer instead of overpowering her.

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